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Yoga For Weight Loss you may be wondering what the best weight loss yoga exercise for beginners is? Several yoga exercises burn fat fast and help you achieve a slim and sexy body. When you perform weight loss yoga workouts, your entire body is massaged, making it more effective. Most people think that yoga and weight loss go together, but the truth is that you cannot do only one thing when it comes to losing weight. This article will discuss some of the most effective yoga exercises that help you burn fat fast.

How to Do Yoga for Weight Loss?

Sun Salutation yoga practice is probably the first yoga sequence, consisting of some simple yoga poses that you perform in an alternating fashion. While the basic poses mentioned above are held for a specific period, in Sun Salutation, you keep moving on from one pose to another without holding the position for too long. Thus, this series helps you burn more calories very quickly and hence is rightly termed as the best weight loss yoga exercise for beginners. This particular series helps you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism. The basic set of poses is designed to increase the breathing capability of your body. It also increases the metabolic rate, thereby helping you burn more calories in less time.

Power Yoga is another very effective set of weight loss yoga poses that can help you reduce excess fat from your entire body. Unlike the Sun Salutation series, Power Yoga is more dynamic. It involves more of the physical movements rather than just the sitting postures. All the routines in this particular series are designed to improve your cardiovascular system and help you lose weight quickly. Besides helping you to burn fat, Power Yoga also makes your body strong and flexible at the same time.

Prasarita Padottanasana is a challenging pose that has been used since ancient times to help people lose weight with yoga. In this pose, you have to rotate your pelvis and legs to the right and left. The rotation done requires strength and flexibility from your legs and shoulders. The benefits offered by this pose include burning calories very quickly, toning your muscles, increasing your stamina, stretching your spine, strengthening your kidneys and liver, and toning your heart.


Thanks to yoga exercises that increase the heart rate, you provide faster fat burning.


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