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Yoga Blankets are used in various manners. Among the most common uses is extra support during sitting asanas. Providing ample height to the legs, the blanket helps the entire body relax and gives adequate support to the lower back. They can also be used daily to provide relief from stress.

What is a Yoga Blanket For?

The blanket functions as a meditation cushion. While sitting still on the chair, the blanket is wrapped around the body, and when the person shifts his/her weight to one side, the blankets are lifted and adjusted to the desired angle. This facilitates proper alignment of the spine. For those who have posture problems, the yoga blankets act as a cushion by absorbing the pressure exerted on the spine.

Some yoga trainers recommend using yoga blankets for the beginning students as they learn yoga poses. As the student gains confidence in performing certain poses, these blankets are taken off and replaced with a regular yoga mat. The modifications are subtle and allow for growth as the student becomes accustomed to the modifications. Beginners may use these to ease stretching as they start learning the asanas and relaxation techniques. Daily, these blankets can also be taken off as the yogi’s progress towards mastering the specific poses and postures. They can be taken along to perform poses independently or provide added support to the yogi during poses.

Yoga Blankets
Yoga Blankets

Those who wish to meditate can use folded yoga blankets to help them focus on breathing exercises. The blanket is folded once, and then the folded blanket is placed over the abdomen and across the hips. The folded blanket acts as a cushion and blocks the torso from moving forward during the breathing process. A beginner can begin by practicing this pose with the rolled-up blanket. As he/she begins to master the pose and begins to feel its effects, the yoga blankets can then be taken off and replaced with regular yoga mats.

Loose-fit yoga blankets are ideal for those who wish to practice poses on their own without an instructor. A loose-fit blanket can be easily placed around the waist and legs and rolled up to act as a chair. Loose-fit blankets also have the advantage of providing extra comfort to those practicing yoga as they can sit on the blanket while doing the asanas. This will allow the beginners to get used to sitting on a flat surface without any discomfort.

Another type of yoga blanket is made from 100% pure organic cotton. These blankets are much softer than the yoga blankets made from synthetic materials. The natural material is soft and allows greater blood flow. These blankets are great to be used at home or when going out for yoga sessions with friends. The blankets are usually machine washable, and most brands are available online.



The blanket acts as a meditation pillow. While sitting still on the chair, the blanket is wrapped around the body, and once the individual changes his weight to one side, then the blankets have been lifted and adjusted to the desired angle.


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