What is Zen Meditation? , How To Do Zen Meditation?


Zen meditation is a form of meditation which forms the cornerstone of the Buddhist belief. Proper posture is essential in Zen meditation. This environment shouldn’t disturb you in terms of air. If the temperature, smell, sound, and appearance of the environment bother you, you will have difficulty concentrating during meditation. That’s why you need to choose the right setting for contemporary meditation.

To practice Zen meditation, you have first to choose a region to meditate yourself. When choosing this area, you should examine the area from many sides. Not to encounter a situation that will bother you, you should control the region to meditate from other directions.

Zen meditation is performed in different postures. Posture takes an important place in this meditation. That’s the reason you should pay attention to your position. During meditation, you ought to be in an environment where you feel comfortable. Meditating at a place where you feel uneasy is extremely hard and prevents your meditation from reaching its objective.

Who Will Do Zen Meditation?

Anyone who wants Zen meditation may do it. You don’t have to have any credentials to have the ability to meditate. But, breathing, posture, and concentration are essential during meditation. Without focus, you cannot benefit from the meditation. That is why you need to improve your concentration and focus.

You can increase your concentration skills by burning off through Zen meditation. Incense is a chemical that positively impacts the body and is commonly used during meditation.

Buddhists practise Zen meditation in their temples, which they call their own worship.

During meditation, you have to close yourself to all sorts of outside sounds and dreams. It would help if you felt a fantastic sense of belonging while performing meditation. In case you have problems concentrating, you can burn incense as stated above.

While working, you might experience focus problems initially. But over time, you will leave this issue behind. In case you have any illnesses, you need to inform your instructor before doing Zen meditation. Likewise, if you’re pregnant, you need to share the situation with your instructor. Apart from that, anyone can perform Zen meditation.

While performing Zen meditation, you benefit from different posture side asanas. You can conduct the meditation utilizing half lotus or full lotus positions.

If you don’t wind up flexible enough to execute those settings, you can already use kneeling or sit on a chair. Zazen sitting is done by sitting around and thick pillow. This specially produced cushion’s most important purpose is to keep your hips high and your knees to touch the floor.

Those sitting in this manner will still have the fit necessary for meditation, even if they are not flexible. These cushions are called rafts. Zafus are sold in 13-14 inches.

Half Lotus Position: put one foot on your thigh while the flip side is about the lower part of your thigh. This posture might appear embarrassing or absurd to novices in Zen meditation. But for meditation to function properly, you must perform the positions required for meditation.

Therefore, take care not to lean yourself forward or backwards.

Breath in Zen Meditation

Breathing is essential through Zen meditation. By choosing the proper breath, you can make your meditation fulfil its purpose. During meditation, you shouldn’t get into feelings and thoughts that will disturb you.

During meditation, your breathing should occur at certain periods and in regularity. You can improve your breathing with tips from your teacher. Zen meditation purifies and relaxes the soul. It helps to get away from the negativities in the spirit.

Among the most important factors of meditation is the eyes. You won’t feel lethargic this manner, and you won’t be diving into thoughts aside from meditation. In the meditation hall at a Soto dojo, it is strongly suggested that you merely look at the wall to prevent distraction and not be disturbed by the things around you. You might also make this proposal in your home.

To meditate, initially, place your left hand on the side. Then, connect your thumbs to create an oval shape.

With the tips of your thumbs slightly touching each other, it must point towards the skies in your hands. The sides of your hands should rest from the navel while your wrists rest on your thighs. Meanwhile, you should also relax and free your shoulders.

Where is Zen Meditation done?

To meditate, you have to determine the region you feel comfortable and execute your meditation in this area.

Through meditation, you shouldn’t be in the same environment with individuals who will disturb you. Energy is vital throughout the meditation. So it would be helpful if you prevented your positive energy out of blending with other negative energies.

You can meditate at the meditation halls accompanied by experienced instructors. Aside from that, you can also do this meditation in the home. However, as stated previously, you can certainly do Zen meditation wherever you feel most comfortable.

Why Can Zen Meditation?

Zen meditation is done to keep the spirit fresh. At precisely the same time, the purposes of purification and energy distribution are pursued. Throughout the meditation process, mind and breath are quite important.

While performing the meditation, your mind must be ready with all its facets. You can get support from incense to concentrate on meditation. Incense makes it possible to concentrate and focus. That’s why you can boost your ability to concentrate by burning off before you meditate.

What Does Zen Meditation Do?

Zen meditation is perfect for your soul. It is essential to focus, focus, keep eyes open through meditation, and control their breathing through meditation. Zen meditation;

It calms your spirit.
It removes negative energies in your own soul.
It gives positivity to your own soul.
It’s a favourite type of meditation due to these features. To practice Zen meditation, you will need to define the right area on your own. After determining this suitable area, you can do your meditation with proper sitting and correct breaths.

However, it might help if you didn’t observe others with your eyes open. You can look at an object that will not distract you. In this manner, you will not be distracted, you won’t feel lethargic, and you won’t be dreaming or yelling at all.

When you have the ideal breath, then meditation will become simpler and more enjoyable. Thanks to this meditation, your spirit is cleansed.

Is Zen Meditation Good for the Soul?

Zen meditation is a form of meditation which positively affects people spiritually, mentally and physically. This meditation calms your spirit and aids the energies within your soul to be positively affected. That is why it’s a favourite type of meditation.

The effect of Zen meditation on the soul is a very curious subject. Zen meditation positively affects your soul. By using this meditation, you can attain the purification you need spiritually and emotionally. It might help if you did the meditation properly to realize the purification.

You have to correctly perform breath controls, keep your eyes open during the meditation, and keep concentration. Also, your hand and sitting position during meditation must be correct.

This way, you can do your meditation properly and get the efficiency you desire. Zen meditation has been demonstrated to have positive effects on the psyche.


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