What is Karma Yoga? – Karma Yoga Philosophy


Karma Yoga, For the concepts of religion and God not to remain in the air, the basic purpose of the philosophy of karma yoga is that human beings experience the state of being ONE through yoga and comprehend these concepts. Karma yoga begins with “Sri Ramakrishna” and spreads to western societies with “Svami Vivekananda”. Many yoga masters passed into the world beyond realizing unity-unity. But to realize this, Sri Ramakrishna believes that one must completely isolate oneself from the world.

 One cannot realize unity if one wants to have one hand in the world and the other in secrets beyond death. Spiritual seeking entails the release of earthly burdens. Svami Vivekananda, trained by his master Ramakrishna, formed communities to share the Western world’s universal truths. Goal; It was to spread the ideal of serving God. The word karma comes from the word “Kri,” whose meaning is “to do, to act.” Therefore, karma yoga can be explained as “yoga of the verb.”

Karma Yoga, Human Desires to Know

Like all thinkers who have ever come to accept man, desire to know, humanity’s main purpose is to destroy the “ignorance” that scares them. Man can rule what he knows, but he is a prisoner of what he does not know. All good and bad events experienced in the world lead us to know. However, this is the case for those who can see. Those who cannot see do not wish to know anyway. Living daily, wasting life in this way is not the main thing expected from a person. Every life experience leaves a mark on the human soul. What is expected of people; It is to use these experiences as a tool to cook oneself and carry it to wisdom by extracting shares from all experiences.

Where is the Root of Knowledge?

According to the karma yoga philosophy, the root of knowledge is hidden within the human essence. Nothing can be brought or taught from outside. During one’s own spiritual journey, one makes discoveries, and each discovery opens the veil over the hidden knowledge already inside him. Karma yoga advises that one should learn from all the actions one has done in a lifetime. The root of knowledge is inside, and it is up to the man himself to discover it.

What Will We Do With Information?

What do we do with the information? What is the information good for? This indicates that man is not yet mature enough. Knowledge, more precisely the knowledge of the truth, must be the most fundamental aim of man. Knowledge makes people mature. The knowledge we are talking about is not the knowledge used to make a living in the world. Still, the information about the discovery of the human spirit focused on eternal life. The person who acquires this knowledge becomes enlightened and reaches the level of NirvanaThe person who reaches the level of nirvana grasps the mysteries of life and death. There is no more valuable treasure than this.

Does Yoga Open Us Knowledge?

Yoga, meditation practices open the door for us to the spiritual journey. Meditation causes attention and attention to the outer world to direct the inner world. By meditating in silence, the person steps into his / her inner world. Only this way can a person attain the secrets of life and death that he is curious about. This deep information cannot be taken from outside. Everyone needs to discover on their own. It will be more efficient to make this application alone.

Knowing with Karma Yoga

With karma yoga, that is, the yoga of the verb, you learn to draw a feeling that will take you to reality – truth from every event you experience. Nothing happening in this universe is the product of coincidence, and everyone is subjected to various tests to get the lesson they need. Some of them are very rich and pass the exam with a lot of money, while others are realized by suffering poverty. Each action is a scenario designed by the cosmic plan to bring us to reality. In this respect, it is necessary to constantly remember that every action taken is done to teach a certain lesson.


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