Ways to Power Up Yoga Inversions , Yoga of Power *2021


Ways to Power Up Yoga Inversions , To perform your yoga as you wish, you need to strengthen your muscles before yoga. After strengthening your muscles, you can perform the yoga postures you do more easily and get the efficiency you expect from yoga. To be able to perform yoga reversals smoothly, you need to power up your body. A flexible body and strong muscles are the basis of yoga. Before doing yoga, do the exercises we will mention in our article and you will see the change in yourself.

Inner Thigh to Build Strength in Yoga

Your inner thighs are an important part of your core muscles. The work of your inner thighs is vital for yoga. You can build strength in yoga by exercising your inner thigh correctly. You can improve your abdomen and waist area by performing inner thigh movements. In this way, you will keep your form in balance. The inner thigh area is significant for yoga.

Rotation – Push: By choosing a sideboard that you can easily push, you perform the push-up movement on this board. This movement helps the outer and inner muscles of your chest to work and develop.

Basic or Wide: If you put your hands on the floor wider than your shoulders and pull the push-up in this way, you will work the center of your chest.

Chaturanga: A yoga pose, a chaturanga pose is also known as a narrow pushup. In this pose, you wrap your arms around your chest.

Jackknife: It is a yoga pose that works on the top of your chest. Another name for this yoga pose is downward dog.

Creating Strength In Yoga Abdominal Exercises

To increase your core strength, you must first develop your abdominal muscles. It is possible to tighten your middle muscles and raise your hips with abdominal exercises. The topics below are taken to introduce you to abdominal exercises.

Crunch Exercise to Build Strength in Yoga

To create power in yoga, you must first get your muscles ready for yoga. You can easily do the crunch exercise at the beginning or end of your workout. You can perform the crunch exercise in three different ways. Crunch exercise types are as follows;

Medicine Ball Foot: This exercise is used to help you build resistance. Thanks to exercise, you can strengthen your abdominal line.

Traditional Crunch: This exercise is pretty simple. However, it is among the most effective exercises. Thanks to this exercise, you can create the ABS center of your body.

Reverse Crunch: It is one of the basic crunch moves. Thanks to this movement, you can work and strengthen your lower abdomen. The lower abdomen is also among the areas that should be strong in yoga.

Stability Ball Pike to Build Strength in Yoga

It helps your shoulders to stand stably. Apart from this, you can easily exercise your lower abdominal area thanks to this exercise. Try doing 3 sets while performing this exercise. You can easily get the efficiency you want from this exercise in three sets and 12 repetitions.

You can use a ball or a board while performing the stability ball pique exercise. You have to hold and release your breath 10 or 15 times. In this way, you can get efficiency from exercise.

Chest And Arm Exercises To Build Strength In Yoga

Chest and arm are significant in yoga. That is why the muscles here must function smoothly and be developed. That’s why you need to do arm and chest exercises to complete the power build-up in yoga. The headgear below helps you to exercise your chest and arm muscles.

Chest Fly Exercise to Build Strength in Yoga

Thanks to the breast fly movement, you can exercise your body’s arm muscles. To control the balance of your arm, you must perform this movement before yoga. You can use some equipment to perform the breast fly position. The equipment will help you perform the breast fly movement better. Here is the equipment you can use;

  • Dumbbell
  • Resistance bands
  • Cable pulley

You can easily perform the breast fly movement with the above equipment. For the breast fly position, repeat the movements 8 or 12 times, and do these repetitions in three rounds.

Push-ups to Build Strength in Yoga

Push-ups are one of the simplest movements you can perform using all of your body weight. Thanks to this movement, you can develop your muscles. Muscle development is significant for yoga. Thanks to this exercise, you can activate your chest muscles. Push- up exercise for yoga is done as follows;

Standing Hip Movements to Build Strength in Yoga

Performing standing hip movements is one of the most preferred exercise types. Thanks to this movement you perform with lateral bends, you can actively use your legs and your hips. To perform the standing hip motion, you must follow these steps;

  • Keep your feet at the width of your hips. It would help if you used a slider to keep your feet. If not, you can use a towel.
  • Bend your right leg and slide your left foot to the side. Go as far as you can in this movement.
  • Then straighten your leg and, this time, bend your left leg.

Working the Side Lungs to Build Strength in Yoga

Working your side lungs is just as important as working your inner thigh and abdominal muscles. You can try positions such as side angel and Warrior to get your side lungs working properly. You can get the assistance of some equipment while performing these positions. You can also do these positions with dumbbells in your hand. Moreover, the efficiency you take positions in this way will be better. Thanks to these yoga movements, you can work your lower body smoothly.

The Physical Benefits of Yoga Inversions and Strengthening

Thanks to the inversion movements you perform in yoga, your body improves positively. You work the muscles in your body with inversions and power-building movements. Letting the muscles work helps you to tighten your body. Your chronic pain and tension of your body end with the yoga movements you do.

This is why yoga inversions and strength builders are often preferred. The physical benefits of these movements are as follows;

  • It improves your immune system.
  • It increases your physical fitness.
  • It regulates your heartbeat.
  • It helps your muscles to be stronger.
  • It keeps your body tight.
  • It is anti-aging.
  • It helps you relieve fatigue from your body.

The above items are the physical effects of yoga inversion and power generation movements on the human body. For your body to benefit from the relaxing feature of yoga, you must perform the above-mentioned movements. You can increase the efficiency you get from yoga by performing the movements correctly. Yoga is directly related to your mind, body, and soul.

Psychological Benefits of Yoga Inversions and Power Raising

To not have difficulty in the inversion movements you perform during yoga, you should perform power-building movements before these movements. Power building movements help the muscles in your body to work. By making these muscles work, you can get better efficiency from the movements you do during yoga.

Inverting and creating power movements in yoga is also very advantageous for you psychologically. The benefits of yoga’s inversion and power generation options on human psychology are as follows;

  • It lowers your stress level.
  • It helps you manage your emotions.
  • You can better control your anger and anger.

Thanks to yoga inversions, you feel ready for yoga in a psychological sense. Preparing for yoga physically is as important as psychologically. While practicing yoga, you should feel fully prepared.


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