The Harmony Of Yoga And Natural Teas , What Teas To Drink After Practicing Yoga?


September passes as the federal yoga month and is ideal for celebrating the connection between tea and yoga practice.

Traditionally, after-class tea service is provided for the body and mind to process yoga and prepare for a busy day. In this time, the mental and physical transition is made of an individual experience on the mat into a social experience with tea sharing. Among the most popular kinds of tea for this purpose is”yogi tea”. Pekoe House Chai is extremely like yogi tea, combining traditional Ayurvedic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove in an Assamese black tea base. To function yogi tea, you can sweeten this spirited black tea mixed with milk and honey.

Tea has an important place before the lesson as well as after the lesson. A healthy and careful application as a tea ritual following yoga is every bit as vital. In addition to moisturizing the body, tea provides a more regular and focused energy boost.

For example, some teas can decrease inflammation, aid digestion, and relieve pain. Tea and yoga are both separate, enrich your life. Just think about what effects the combination of the two can have for you!

Here are Five Useful Yoga Designs for Tea Lovers

  • Active yoga practice

Love a black tea before a lively treatment like Ashtanga or Vinyasa. Pekoe Sip House black tea blends can increase caffeine flow, making it a great choice for more athletic yoga styles. Ashtanga and Vinyasa constantly move from position to position, coordinating movement with breathing and creating internal warmth.

You can prepare for a physically active yoga using Coconut Black Tea, a moisturizing black tea blend that may increase the body’s circulation and stamina. As a bonus, black teas may also reduce cardiovascular issues by helping burn off calories.

After Class: you might also focus on rehydrating your body with low-caffeine White Peony Tea, which contains cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

  • Meditative Yoga Practice

Enjoy green tea before meditation and yoga practices with long positions like Hatha or Kundalini.

Having a calm and meditative mind is the key to a profitable Hatha Yoga experience. To prepare your psychological state for a yoga style that materially combines, you may select a tea that will increase attention and focus. Research has linked the polyphenols in green tea to improved cognitive capabilities, producing green tea the preferred tea for meditation sessions.

Obtained with pineapple and papaya, Sunny Green Tea will give a nourishing power and focus all day while leaving a pleasant taste on your palate. It’s a rich tea with antioxidants.

After a clarifying program, reward your body with healthy and tasty loose leaf tea, which could help digestion and breathe.

  • Hot Yoga Exercise

Enjoy mint tea before entering a heated room for Bikram.

A temperature of 95-105 degrees is a normal temperature through Bikram yoga practice. This heat increases flexibility, thus preventing injury, and also helps detoxify organs and muscles. Peppermint tea activates the cold-sensitive receptors of these cells to create a mild cooling sensation. This can help you last a long time to reap the powerful benefits of heat. Try a simple, relaxed, organic Mint Tea or flavour your Moroccan Mint Tea (Gunpowder green tea and mint mix) before taking a cruise on the sea.

After Course: you may choose Nettle Detox Tea to detoxify the body, cleanse the body and soothingly regulate the mind. This detox tea is blended with herbs and fruits such as blackberry leaves, rosehip, clover, juniper berries, liquorice root, jasmine flower, and sage. Also, in addition to cleansing your body, nettle detox herbal tea can help breathe after 60 to 90 minutes in a warm area.

  • Skin Health Application

Enjoy drinking herbal tea before classes with passive or relaxing yoga pose like Restorative or Yin.

In Restorative or Yin yoga, muscles are passive but profoundly stretched with extended positions. Naturally, decaffeinated Day Solace Tea is ideal for relaxing courses, creating a hint of soothing mint tea and calming Chamomile Tea.

After Course: Continue to Zen and greatly simplify matters with Lavender Fields Tea, a relaxing herbal tea made with organic French lavender.

  • Healing yoga practice

Enjoy ginger tea before yoga courses that focus on joint health, such as wound healing and Iyengar.

Alignment of the human body is crucial in Iyengar. It takes a slow and deliberate step, and more time is spent on each position. This healing practise supports joint health and uses props and methods to help older or newer people to this yoga style. It is possible to protect against pain with No Pain Rooibos Tea, which comprises anti-inflammatories containing ginger and garlic. This outstanding tea that alleviates pain also has notes like lemon, apple and cinnamon, making it a delicious and Ayurveda powerful choice to aid healing before or after workouts.


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