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Tantric yoga is a sort of yoga to release extreme energies. By doing so yoga, you can release the energies circulating in your body in a controlled way. Tantric yoga poses can wake up your mind and chakras. Tantric yoga posture helps open your initial and second chakras. The first chakra is located just below the spine. And this chakra symbolizes the individual connection to the world. The second chakra is located in the groin area. This chakra represents emotion, desire, and attachment to somebody else.

How To Do Tantric Yoga?

Practice tantric yoga , You first must discover a suitable place for yourself. The place where you will do yoga should be a place where you feel great, so you won’t concentrate on tantric yoga.

To practice yoga, you will need to steer clear of environments which are too noisy and bother you. These environments keep you from focusing and concentrating. With Tantric yoga, you can release the energies circulating in your body. Apart from this, it gives you the ability to start your chakras.

Tantric yoga helps you open up your energy and chakras. That’s why it’s a frequently used form of yoga. The environment you do yoga influences your efficiency . The environment you’re in affects the efficiency you get from yoga. That’s why you should practice yoga in an environment where you feel calm and get great energy. This manner, you can receive all the benefits of yoga.

What Are Tantric Yoga Positions?

There are definite positions for practicing tantric yoga. You can practice tantric yoga by doing these positions and postures. For tantric yoga, you have to have passed the basic posture positions. People that are new to yoga cannot practice tantric yoga. The positions in tantric yoga are as follows;

Warrior: Warrior presents are contained in tantric yoga. For tantric yoga, you have to maintain eye contact when performing the warrior I position. For the warrior I position, a stance is taken as follows;

  • Stop when the feet of your left toes touch another person.
  • Slide your right foot 3 steps back and lift your foot’s heel and torso to the atmosphere. Only the region of ​​your toes touches the floor.
  • Bend your knees forward.
  • Pull back your shoulders. Extend out your buttocks and raise your arms over your head.

Seated Bend: The sitting bent posture is a seated spinal bending posture. This position can help you warm the backbone. Apart from that, it makes it possible to improve your endurance and boost your devotion to one another. Two people perform the sitting twist together. Sitting bend posture is done as follows;

  • Determine a sitting position, so your knees touch each other.
  • Bring your shoulders back while pulling your torso forward. Turn your chin slightly sideways. In this way, you can get to the top of your head into the skies.
  • Reach your right arm behind your spouse ‘s back. Then, stretch your left arm and let your spouse do the same.
  • With your spouse, bend your bodies towards each other.
  • Bend yourself with your partner as far as possible.
  • After a couple of minutes in this place, switch sides and repeat the position.

Legs on the Wall: This pose is done in pairs. While your spouse is leaning down, you stand with your legs suspended in the atmosphere. To realize that this position, in other words, the legs on the wall place;

  • Your spouse should stand with his arms stretched and knees and forehead touching the ground.
  • Sit in your spouse ‘s hip.
  • Then, let yourself into your spouse and link your spine curves.
  • Then raise your legs in the air.
  • Change positions with your partner following this position is finished.

Downward Facing Dog: Your spouse should encourage you in this position. With assistance from your spouse, you can set your feet on him and perform the pose. For downward-facing dog pose;

  • Let your spouse do the downward-facing dog position.
  • Get in front of him and organize a space between you.
  • Take turns lifting your legs, and put them on your spouse ‘s shoulder.
  • Then, stretch your foot towards your spouse ‘s back until your feet reach your spouse ‘s hips.
  • Push your heels back and turn forward with your shoulders.
  • Then alter your position with your partner.

What Does Tantric Yoga Mean?

Tantra means expansion. That is to discuss energy. Thanks to Tantric yoga, you may make a frequent consciousness with your partner. You can get support from your sister, friend, or lover when performing tantric yoga. Thanks to Tantric yoga, you may combine your attention with your yoga partner.

Tantric yoga posture can boost your spiritual energy. This yoga causes you to increase your emotional energy. Therefore, it’s a preferred sort of yoga. Tantric yoga is yoga done in pairs. If you don’t have a partner, it’s not possible to execute these yoga moves. When performing tantric yoga movements, you need to feel yourself as one body with your yoga spouse.

Why Do Tantric Yoga?

Tantric yoga is done to improve shared awareness and emotion sharing. Thanks to Tantric yoga, you discuss your spirits with your yoga spouse. Also, this yoga induces the energy channels in your body to start. Once the energy channels in your body are opened, you will feel more comfortable.

Tantric yoga posture  is a valuable technique for control the energy circulating in your body. Thanks to this yoga, your religious consciousness develops. You may also share the perfect energy with your spouse.

What are the Effects of Tantric Yoga?

With Tantric yoga, you encounter a spiritual, physical, and mental shift. The consequences of these changes you encounter by performing tantric yoga are reflected in the two you and the environment you reside in. The consequences of tantric yoga are as follows;

  • Harmony and sharing between you and your spouse increases.
  • Your concentrate and concentration will improve.
  • You will be in greater control of your own desires.
  • You can share your spirit.
  • Your collective consciousness grows.
  • You can control the energy.
  • You can raise your positive energy.
  • Your stress level will fall.

What Are the Benefits of Tantric Yoga?

The advantages of tantric yoga poses to human beings are rather wide. Thanks to Tantric yoga, folks ‘s collective consciousness enhances, and their awareness of spirituality raises. You can address the problems in your relationships with tantric yoga, which also reduces your body’s stress rate.

Tantric yoga poses helps you concentrate better. You can strengthen your spiritual sharing by using tantric yoga. Spiritual sharing is vital in bilateral relations.


What is the Position of Tantric Yoga?

To have the ability to practice tantric yoga position, you should have a spouse with you. It could be your partner, girlfriend, or sibling to be with you. With tantric yoga techniques, you can transfer your energy and assist your chakras wake up. That’s why tantric yoga positions are usually used. Techniques in tantric yoga are as follows;

  • Sat kriya
  • Basic thoracic incline
  • Sharing the tantric breath
  • Kundalini chair pose

You can perform your tantric yoga utilizing the techniques listed above. Thanks to Tantric yoga, you are able to share soul and consciousness and boost your awareness of spirituality.

To clinic tantric yoga techniques and tantric yoga postures, you should be a beginner yoga student. It isn’t effortless to acquire collective awareness.

Also, tantric yoga moves  are not straightforward. That’s why you will need to know about all yoga postures before coming to tantric yoga. Tantric yoga is done in pairs. That’s why there ought to be harmony between you and your yoga spouse.

While doing so yoga, your balance skills should be developed. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty doing tantric yoga. Just like you, your spouse needs to have developed balance abilities. This is quite important for yoga.


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