How to Do Sun Salutation Yoga? Step by Step Sun Salutation Yoga


Every new day is a new beginning, a new hope, a new page in our lives. For this reason, the sunrise has always been a source of life that gives us peace and happiness. It has been a great way to greet the sun, thank it for each new day and energy, and to draw strength from it.

Since humankind’s presence, the sun hasn’t only been a source of warmth and light but has always been considered sacred as a religious life force. The sun’s true light is also a religious method of seeing the truth and the disappearance of darkness. The sun is a sign attributed to holiness in just about all traditions and appears as a representation of light, knowledge, goodness, creative power, and religious rule.

The sunlight called the supreme cosmic energy; all-seeing divinity and its own power, a physical manifestation of God, the centre of the cosmos, the middle of being an intuitive understanding, the intellect of the Earth, the enlightenment, the eye of the Earth, justice and day, the unconquered, justice, are integrated with the concepts of nobility.

The sunlight, which is of great mental and spiritual significance, has also been a terrific source of belief. For centuries, communities have worshipped the sun, performed rituals and prayers for this. They gave their gratitude to sunlight, which nurtured and expanded everything globally, and they left dedications.

In most countries of ancient times, altars, mounds, temples were dedicated to sun worship.

Many Gods have been connected with the sun in history. It has also been identified with heroes and kings. Additionally, the sun represented immortality in Egyptians.

According to Rumi in Sufi doctrine, the sun is the manifestation of sunlight behind the curtain. The core of the world is the indication of God in the skies and on earth.

Since those days, the sun hasn’t only been of vital importance and continues to be philosophically important. In this sense, the sun salutation yoga, Surya Namaskar, seems significant teaching from early history to the present day.

The title of greeting the sun is called”Surya Namaskar” in Sanskrit. “Surya” means sunlight. The significance of the word”namaskar” means greeting, in other words, bowing before you with your entire being with respect.

Surya Namaskar, also called Güneş Selamı in Turkish, is a common sequence of 12 asanas. Its roots come from the people in India worshipping the Hindu sun god Surya. The objective of sun salute yoga is to maintain our own life force alive and active like solar energy and being a kind of worship and a kind of exercise.

Although sunlight salute yoga is a series of yoga training sessions, it’s normally done in an integrated form into a warm-up, cooling, or merely a yoga practice.

Practice practices and pronunciation of tunes are a yoga which needs to be taught by a yoga instructor.

Pranamasan Mountain: Start with this pose, hold your feet together, keeping the spine straight, pressing on your hands to your torso. This posture supports joint health and helps the organs in the abdominal cavity to operate properly.
Patient Uttanasana: Lean towards your toes so that your spine becomes an arch, and in some models, bring the arms upward and take a complete breath. With this program, the body stretches as a whole. The muscles which cause all back pains obtain the habit of stretching.
Pada Hastasana: Extend down your arms to touch your feet by bending at the waist. Sing Exhale and Om suryaaya Namaha (Greetings to the man who initiated the action ). This posture improves posture disorders, relaxes internal organs and eases digestion.
Ashwa-sanchalan-asan: Throw left or right foot back, make a deep lunge or carry out the horse position. You may inhale, and chant Om has Namaha (greetings to the Enlightened). Additionally, it is a very beneficial pose for the reproductive organs.
Parvatasana: Extend your other leg back and lift your buttocks Face Down in Dog Pose. Exhale with om khagaaya Namaha (greetings to a person moving in the sky) chant.
Ashtanga Namaskar: Take a position, also referred to as the plank position, lower your arms, holding the breath and keeping your body straight. The hymn you may sing for this is Om pooshney Namaha (Greetings to the energy and nourishment giver).
Bhujangasana: Put his spine to the Cobra place by pushing up his arms and maintaining his legs straight. Breathe in and state the Namah Om hiranayagarbhaaya (Faithful to the Golden Cosmic Self) Parvatasana: Exhale, bend down the buttocks and return to the dog position. Sing Chant Om mareechibhyoh Namaha (greetings to the beams of sunlight ).

Ashwa-sanchalan-asan: Turn your left or right leg (whichever is extended for the first time) back to the lunge.

Pada Hastana: Breathe while standing side by side while lifting your other foot, so that you can bend your buttocks more comfortably.

Lift your arms upward, slightly bend from top to bottom. The chants that go in this pose are Om back to Yamaha (greetings to those that are fit to be praised).

Pranamasana: Keep your body at a hill position and lower your arms in namas. After chanting Om bhaaskaraaya Namaha (greetings to the enlightenment individual ), you can be prepared to cheer again with the opposite leg.

Changes in Sun Greeting; Greeting into the sunlight can be achieved either slowly, meditatively or using a set of swift and lively movements. There are mantras”om” (bits) which can be stated for the first six doses, then repeated for the previous six presents: Om Hram Om Hrim Om Hroom Om Hraim Om Hraum Om Harrah With the rapid collection of poses completed, the purpose of yoga isn’t to break free from the breath, and It is suggested that you repeat as much as possible while keeping a steady exhalation cycle.

There’s one final sun salute hymn that can be sung after all repetitions:

These hymns are merely 1 example of the few variations of this sun salute hymn which can be made. However, it will be useful to know that there’s no substitute for hands-on and private training in an actual yoga class.

Sun salutation yoga enables our body to stretch and strengthen.
It assists the digestive system to work better, helps reduce constipation and indigestion issues. It plays an effective part in burning fat.
By helping the lungs to function better, it offers comfortable breathing.
It makes the nervous system and memory power.
It tightens the chest region.
It is of great advantage in preparation for birth.
It can help to renew skin.
It can help to provide flexibility to our backbone and waist.
By making the sleep more routine, it gives an uninterrupted sleep.
It also helps women to control their menstrual periods.
It’s carried out to salute the sun, stimulating the cycle which brings our body, breath and mind together. It can help to keep our spiritual and physical presence alive in every way.


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