– Community Rules

Community Rules

·       Users must be respectful of each other.

·       Racist, sexist, homophobic, and abusive comments made by members to each other will not be tolerated. In this case, comments will be intervened.

·       YogaUS reserves the right not to post content and comments that incite hatred, violence, provocative, and derogatory by users against people or certain groups, depending on their religious belief, race, ethnic origin, age, social status, political view, sexual orientation, physical condition.

·       Disclosing other users’ personal information by violating the Membership Agreement, using this information for their own benefit; Using elements such as threats and harassment, users who disturbingly follow other users and incite others to direct people to violence will be closed.

·       Insulting, swearing, insulting, or slang expressions of individuals, institutions, cultures, or societies are not allowed. YogaUS reserves the right to delete such comments, send a warning to the necessary people, and/or to delete their membership.  

·       To have a healthier discussion environment, members must respect the beliefs and views of other users.

·       Capital letters should not be used in comments.

·       Comments on the site must be in English.

·       In the comments made, importance should be given to spelling and spelling knowledge as much as possible. For this reason, YogaUS reserves the right to correct and delete comments that are not understood.

·       Any commercial or copyrighted comments will not be allowed.

·       A username that provokes people and is aggressive cannot be chosen.

·       Comments made on the subject of the content will help prevent possible discussions. Otherwise, your comments may be deleted at YogaUS’s discretion.

·       Members should not share their personal and private information for their own security.

·       Offensive comments about YogaUS or the moderator’s decision are likely to be deleted.

·       Yogaus employees, including insults and curses, private message to assign the right to delete users’ accounts yogaUS reserves.

·       Sending spam messages is prohibited. It will also be intervened when the same and similar messages are sent more than once.

·       Comments that are or may be disrespectful to the judicial authorities are not tolerated. Anything that may affect the ongoing or future trial process is within this scope.