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Our website, which was opened to provide you with information, continues to serve you as of January 1, 2021. The word Yoga, which comes from the Sanskrit language and is on our site, has many meanings; It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means “to control,” “subjugate,” or “to unite.” The word “US” in our site title also means “Us.” By this means, we can present articles related to enlightenment, meditation, authentic content. Visiting our humble site will add a lot of information to you. Our site is open to anyone who wants to acquire new information, meet ancient teachings, and improve themselves in this field. If you want, you can direct your questions or visit our site. You can surely come across information that will meet your needs. Since the day we were founded and to achieve successful works in this direction, we aim to operate in this field. Especially because the ancient teachings are not known much, those who are curious about these teachings do not have the opportunity to find many resources. One of our aims is to guide those who are curious about this issue and want to improve themselves and make suggestions for their own enlightenment. Because the path to enlightenment can only be shown, but individuals must discover it themselves.

What is our aim? For www.yoga-us.com

As Yoga-us.com, we serve especially those engaged in meditation and yoga, those on the way to enlightenment, and those who want to raise awareness. Mitr is an organization that aims to keep the Far Eastern traditions alive and to help people who think like this with the products it offers.

Far Eastern philosophies or teachings are generally based on humans and defend the integration of humans with life. In fact, the Far East teachings are ancient human history teachings, although they are also seen by many as a belief or religion. So much so that if we consider that the basic structure of human beings has not changed at all, the values ​​of these teachings will be better understood. The Far Eastern teachings are mainly Buddhism and Hinduism. In particular, Buddhism says that life is full of pain and that we have to give up all our desires to get rid of this suffering. In other words, our desires can never be satisfied, and they constantly cause other desires to arise. This situation causes dissatisfaction and causes us never to feel where we are, contrary to our lives, by being attached to past or future times. Meditation and yoga practices come to the fore to get out of this mentally problematic situation.

Meditation can be called contemplation. Through meditation, a person concentrates all his attention on his own body and thus realizes that he is alive. The physical and mental qualities that he forgets during the hustle and bustle of daily life are revealed during meditation. However, meditation turns out to be quite a difficult task, as it requires first of all to experience the mind. A calm environment, calmness, and comfort are needed to meditate. To achieve this, external accessories can also gain importance. You can add a different atmosphere to your meditation or yoga sessions with censer, candle, and incense varieties, which hold a special place among our products, and you can easily focus.

You can also benefit from specially produced candles in your chakra balancing processes to regulate your physical and mental energy. As it is known, the chakras are the basic energy fields in the human body, and if they are unbalanced, a person may experience great physical and mental problems. If they are in balance, people who are successful, happy, who knows what they want in life, and who can enjoy every moment of life are formed. To balance the chakras, you can look at the chakra candles produced by hand-made methods in their colors.

You can find traces of the ancient Indian tradition on yoga-us.com, which carries traces from the Far East and all the ancient traditions of the world. Thanks to dream catchers developed to prevent bad dreams; you can both get a decorative image and take precautions against bad dreams.

Our site, which also offers information from the traditions that have sunk into oblivion globally, meets the needs of those who have adopted these teachings.